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I have been a Professional Artist for decades. I love capturing special moments and freezing them in time like a special memory. 

The vision came to me because the romance of a sail boat in the sunset, just had to be put on canvas. The sails are lit up with the sun and all the details of ropes brings this boat to life.

Beautiful Quality Affordable Art Paintings

The Vision was explained to me to create an ocean painting that represented safety. So as the storm approaches, thunder and lighting strike! The seagulls fly towards the light house for safety.

Beautiful Quality Affordable Art Paintings

The Vision was explained to me that a hunter would like to see the pond before the hunt.

This is an online Art Gallery.

Creating the masterpiece of your Vision.

Beautiful Quality Affordable Art Paintings

Wanted to paint grass blowing with my first pet as a child as I remember her.

Beautiful Quality Affordable Art Paintings


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Waking Dawn


Crimson Resolute

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.