Ink Rabbit

Inspiration-This painting is done in various colors with artist pens. The ink I mixed my self to make the rabbit fur look furry

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Ink  Horse

Inspiration: Study of the shape of a horse. The work is fully framed and very very detailed with an art ink pen.

Art Paintings

Ink River Home

Inspiration- This home is located on the Mississippi River and deserved all its detail brought out for that Nostalgic feeling it deserves

Art Paintings.

Life after the Hurricane,Pelican

Inspiration- Hurricanes devastate our coastlines but life always seems to survive. This painting was done for a special customer my brother in New Orleans.


Ink Baby Cougar

Inspiration - If we lower our selves just a bit more, take the time like a young one we may see something we never thought of before.

Fur in just ink

Art Paintings

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Happy Lake

Inspiration-Pole Fishing. Happy memories of camping with family and friends.

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Hanging Pots

Inspiration- Painted for texture. This is a huge gallery wrapped painting with raised texture.

You can view it at Nicha's Restaurant address and site map found on "Events" page here on this site.

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Ink Plantation

Inspiration- This home on the Mississippi River has been kept up so beautifully that detailing it was easy to see and it is lived in today. Do you have a special home you would like for me to paint let me know in

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Art Paintings.

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M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I

Happy Couple

Inspiration-Was asked to restore a portrait

Art Paintings.