A R T  P A I N T I N G S  BY

M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I



Inspiration- A couple got engaged on the Virgina Beach then asked me to paint their forever memory of this romantic day.



Inspiration- My very first cat. She was playing with this fall leaf as she came up over my back yard garden  bench.

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Desert Horse

Inspiration- Wanted to paint something with contrast and action. This Original Painting looks so much better live. Visit "Events" to see dates for the Artist's Art Show in April to view it in person.

Beautiful Art Paintings by professional artist.


Black Stallion

Inspiration- Wanted a challenge. Horses are very difficult to paint in detail. Their muscles and curves are very precise. This painting is very large and displays much detail.

Art Paintings

Shell Beach

Inspiration - There is a place at the bottom of New Orleans swamp area near the Gulf of Mexico where several camps are for Boat Lovers and Fishermen. These oak trees died during a hurricane flood of salt water. This very large painting is done with various textures.Beautiful paintings sale.


Retired, Long Horns

Inspiration- Texas is a survivor it is Strong and Bold and when its beauty shines through it becomes Gold.

Long Horns and Blue Bonnets

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Inspiration-New Orleans Roots. These are very detailed works. Beautiful paintings of old Plantation homes with moss from Oak Trees.

Beautiful Art Paintings by ProfessionalArtist.

Setting Sun

Inspiration- Painted when I was a child because of being fascinated over Sunsets.

Art Paintings

Raybon  Lake

Inspiration-A very good friend asked me to paint her husband fishing for an anniversary present. Raymond and Bonnie. Do you have an idea for an Anniversary gift? Let me know and you too can have your very own personal memory on canvas.

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