A R T  P A I N T I N G S  BY

M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I


    Storm Pass

Inspiration: This painting was painted by me because of the love of hiking in the mountains. Something we did just about all of my life. most enjoyable was hopping rock to rock and exploring all the wild life along the way.

The Protector,Eagles

Inspiration- This has a beautiful story.

When storms approach our protecting parents appear and do what they can to shelter us. Very large fully framed Painting.

This painting can also represent our Firemen. and Police Force. Original is for sale.

Splash ,Bird Pond

Had left over paint  and this came out. Customer said she could look at it forever and never get tired doing so.

Abstract Painting and Contemporary Paintings are available too for order.


Spaniard Stairs

Inspiration: New Orleans roots,Plantations Homes. This is a very detailed water color and ink painting in a gallery frame and is very heavy, Original for Sale.


Inspiration- My front and back yard are painted with trails, plants and flowers. A garden to get lost in. The Native Rose in Texas painted here was floating in my pond and I just had to paint it. Share your favorite flower or flowers and I will paint it.

Street Car

Inspiration-Grew up ridding a street car in New Orleans on my way to college.

Painted from a Photo I took. Do you have a special memory you would like painted? Let me know in Reach Me here on this site.

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Square Vintage

Inspiration- A home by down town San Antonio near the King Williams Area.The detail of the architecture inspires me to paint homes for people. Many of my paintings of homes are not posted here because i sold them before i was taking pictures of my work.

My Online Canvas Art Paintings San Antonio

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Inspiration - The Vision was explained to me to create an ocean painting that represented Safety. So as the storm approaches, thunder and lightning strike! The seagulls fly toward the Lighthouse for safety. Happy Customer on Face Book.

Art Paintings


Tree Lion

Inspiration-Mixed different colors in my Rapidograph pens to make every hair on this tree lion. Then did the background in watercolor. If you have a special pet let me know and I can paint it for you.

Art Paintings.