White Owl

Inspiration- This beautiful Owl can be found around the snow. I wanted the challenge of painting feathers and all its detail. If you love birds I can paint it for your home.

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Inspiration- Texas Flowers and rivers. This is a water color with pen and ink all over the top of it to bring out a special look of much detail.

Art Paintings

Winter Blue,


Inspiration- Trying new Stuff.

Photographing is also an art. I take all my own Pictures of my paintings. All paintings can be reproduce on canvas and as prints.

Art Paintings

Window, Blue Mist,


Inspiration-  When we go camping we see the deer come out in the evening and early morning on the lonely trails. This is a truly beautiful painting in a gallery frame that who ever buys it first will not be disappointed. Art Paintings


Inspiration - This house can still be found at 115 S. Pressa on the South side of San Antonio, Texas. If anyone who would like their home painted I have various styles to do it in.

Art Paintings

Waking Hunter Dog

Inspiration -The Vision was explained to me that a hunter would like to have their dog in action. These two "Waking" paintings really look good together.

Art Paintings

Warm Cottage,Aspen

Inspiration- In all my travels in America the memory of staying in a warm cottage lost in the beautiful Rockey Mountains is by far the best vacation for a get away and just had to be put on canvas.I could paint your memory vacation just send me the picture you took.

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Waking Dawn Ducks

Inspiration- The Vision was explained to me that a hunter would like to see the pond before the hunt. If you have a special sport or hobby let me know in Reach Me and it can be put on canvas.

Art Paintings

Windy Day

Inspiration- This over sized painting adds color to any home or business. The poppies pop with color.

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