3 Piano Tall

You can use the tall ones with the long ones below  or just use only long. Or only tall. It is your choice.

Art Paintings

3 Rose Long

All my prints come in quality paper prints or canvas prints your choice. Musical Paintings are popular and you can have your very own painted no matter what instrument you play.

Art Paintings

3 Beethoven Tall

Inspiration- These three pictures are prints that can be mixed and matched any way the customer pleases.

Art Paintings

3 Piano Long

You can frame them or have them gallery wrapped on canvas. Just let me know in "Reach Me"

Art Paintings

      Storm Pass

Inspiration- For the love of Hiking in the Mountains. Also an excellent painting for those of you who enjoy hunting.Currently for sale.

3 Rose Tall

The prints come in any size you choose just let me know how you would like to decorate your music room or home

art Paintings

A R T  P A I N T I N G S  BY

M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I



Inspiration-Done for Mexican Restaurant owners, or any one who likes the Agave Plant or just plain color,color,color!!! This Painting is displayed for sale at Nicha's Restaurant. The ripe agave plant is displayed near the Margarita Bar.

3 Beethoven long

These are the horizontal pictures to frame along with the above Vertical ones or just use them in any combination your wish.

Art Paintings

Yellow Tree

Inspiration- The Park Bench. Parks have always been my favorite place to visit. So I painted what all of us love relaxing in nature. If you have a special Spot you would love painted just let me know in"Reach Me".


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