Inspiration: Restaurant Owner of Nichas on Pat Booker Rd. San Antonio Tx. Asked me to create an entrance canvas painting that represented all people who are looking for a fun and relaxed place  for a meal.


Inspiration: A customer asked me to paint a White Tiger for his Man Cave. He is filling it up with art from Wild Life.


My sister and her horse Kitten. I really enjoyed painting this one.


A R T  P A I N T I N G S  BY

M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I


  Warm Song

White Tiger


Raybon Lake

Mountain Lake Home

Inspiration: Painted for a friend, her husband fishing.


Inspiration:Places we went for vacations.

In my Garden I noticed Blue Jays watch out for each other as one eats or bathes. Can you find the other Blue Jay?

There is more garden behind the doors and a home made wooden Swing. In case you were wondering what was behind the Secret doors. This 34by36 painting has heavy texture making it look 3D.


Reach me for any paintings in all gallery pages,

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The Cowboy


The Connection

Inspiration:Painted for a couple who got engaged on the beach


INSPIRATION: A customer asked me to paint his portrait.


INSPIRATION: This painting was created because gentle early morning fog and the rising of a large cat is the perfect painting to hang in any ones bedroom. Waking up to this large painting would put anyone in a good mood for the day. 

Available for the moment. (This photo does not show the whole panting).
Call 210-485-6007 for purchase of this 20by30 fully framed painting. on linen canvas.