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M A R Y    V E R O N I C A    L A S K O W S K I


    Dancing Leaves

Inspiration : We had a long cold winter this season so I painted the feeling on this 50 by 40 huge linen canvas and put it in a silvery warm frame. This painting is an Oil painting weighing 50 lbs. Currently for sale.

Sun Rise Leopard

Inspiration- The fascination of large cats has always been a favorite of most people. The reason this leopard looks real is because the paint is placed carefully in the right orders of bright dark to soft light in places that gives it that round full look.

A Building

Inspiration: This Building is located in new Orleans and now is a condominium homes and the owner of this painting is the owner of the real Building.

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Coming Home

Inspiration - Our Coast Lines have had many Hurricanes that left our homes devastated. This can be a very stressful situation. So I wanted to paint something positive. Visualizing  Loyal pets waiting for us to Come Home.

Elegance, Swan

Inspiration: The Beauty of a Friend. If you to have a special friend you would like to give a special gift to I can paint it or ask for a print from www.masterpiecevisions.com

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Crimson Resolute

Inspiration- The Vision came to me because the romance of a sail boat in a sunset, just had to be put on canvas.  The sails are lit up with the sun and all the details of ropes brings this boat to life.Art Paintings     SOLD

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Giclees, Canvas Prints and Prints come in various sizes from 8x10 to 40x30 of  individual paintings ready for mailing.

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Mediums are: Oil Paintings, Watercolor, Acrylic, Reality Detailed Art, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Canvas Art.

Breaking Dawn

Inspiration:  Special work for me,because of my New Orleans roots.  This painting looks good in photo but can not be reproduced as beautiful as the Original.

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Inspiration: Customer wanted his portrait done on the oval canvas he cut for his Antique Bubble Glass Frame he restored.


A Perfect Day

Inspiration:Grew up with a pianist, my mother, who made every day a perfect day. the painting has real music and a painting of Beethoven. the music is from the song "A Perfect Day".