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My Story

Mary Veronica Laskowski is an original artist from New Orleans who's been painting since she was 7. Her stunning works of art are created through a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil paintings, pen and ink, pencils, works in pastels, mixed media and various other mediums.  Currently, her method of using acrylics paintings makes the canvas look like an oil painting.

She enjoys creating beautiful art paintings that are expressive of what the client wants. Please let her know in "Reach Me" by explaining that special Painting you would love to have painted by sending your special photos no matter what it is she can create your very own special Painting.It could be a landscape painting, object, home or pet etc. You may email one or several pictures to  have your personal painting created. Another one of her enjoyments is belonging to an art group in San Antonio. Her creativity is also expressed as she landscapes the ground her home into a welcoming garden.

Her hope is for you to find joy and relaxation in a cheerful colorful piece of art for years to come. Visit my Online Art Gallery for available art paintings.

You may contact me at mverokow40@yahoo.com or Vero@masterpiecevisions.com if you are interested in an original one of a kind masterpiece.(210)907-2400

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